• Is there a fee for the fitting? 

    I currently do not charge a fee for the fitting. All I ask is that you come to the fitting with the intent to purchase if and when we find your perfect pair. This model works for my business as of now, and I hope to continue like this in the future. As a reference point: most of my clients end up with several to choose from by the end of their appointment and some even walk away with more than one pair!

  • Am I obligated to purchase at the end of my fitting session?

    In our fitting consultations, there's no obligation to make a purchase. However, I appreciate it if you come with the intention of finding something you love. This ensures we can make the most of our time together and create a satisfying experience tailored to your preferences.

    My appointments are complimentary, reflecting my commitment to providing personalized service. This model works well when clients approach the session with genuine interest, as it allows me to continue offering these free consultations. I appreciate your understanding in ensuring the appointments are valued and not taken advantage of.

  • How does the fitting appointment process work?

    Your vintage denim fitting experience begins when you book a complimentary one-hour appointment. We'll start by measuring your waist and discussing your desired fit and wash preferences. I'll then personally curate a selection of denim for you to try on. Just remember to show me each choice, so we can fine-tune the fit as needed. Together, we'll explore different options, gradually narrowing down to 5-10 choices. I'm here to assist you in making the final decision, ensuring you leave with the perfect pair of vintage denim.

  • Do I have to book an appointment to come to your studio?

    I operate on an appointment-only basis to guarantee an exclusive experience for each client. This approach allows me to provide personalized attention and ensure that each appointment receives the focus and time it deserves, enhancing the overall quality of service.

  • What about pricing?

    Each pair of LOV’D vintage denim is priced the same at $259. The pricing of my denim reflects not only the tangible product but also incorporates the value of my expertise and the personalized appointments I provide, ensuring you receive a tailored and high-quality experience without additional charges. This approach aims to offer a comprehensive and unique service, where the denim becomes more than just a product—it becomes a reflection of skilled craftsmanship and individualized attention.

  • Do you carry denim for plus sizes?

    Certainly! I absolutely carry plus-sized denim, and I take great joy in assisting clients of all sizes to find the perfect fit.

  • Can you help men find their perfect pair of vintage denim too?

    Yes, absolutely! Guys need great fitting denim too!