Melissa is the creative force behind LOV’D, a unique venture that beautifully blends her passion for fashion and personalized styling. As the founder and curator, Melissa has carved out a niche in the world of vintage denim, offering an array of carefully selected pieces and complements that exude timeless style. Her expertise lies not only in curation but also in her exceptional ability to provide one-on-one vintage denim fitting experiences. With an innate understanding of the challenges many face in finding the perfect fit, Melissa has honed a distinctive talent for helping her clients discover denim that not only fits flawlessly but also captures their individuality. 

At LOV’D, Melissa's approach goes beyond selling clothing; it's about crafting transformative experiences for her clientele. Her dedication to creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment shines through in every fitting session. Whether you're booking alone, with a best friend, or with your crew, Melissa's keen eye for fashion and her personalized touch promise an unforgettable journey in finding your perfect fit. LOV’D is a testament to Melissa's commitment to redefining the shopping experience and leaving a lasting impact on those who seek both style and a sense of belonging -- she can't wait to take you along!